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Artist’s Statement SLAM! BAM! BOOM! My love of comic books, superheroes, and the escapism they represent goes back to my youth. I often spent extended periods of time in the car reading comic books while I and my father waited for my mother, who was a registered nurse, to complete her shift. My father would pick me up from my daycare provider, and we would drop by the local 7-11 store before going to the hospital. Marvel Comics’ Spider-Man, Fantastic Four, The Invaders, and the Avengers would fill my time and imagination as we waited. At first, the sole medium of these paintings was acrylic enamel, but soon collages of comic books, art magazines, popular magazines, and advertisements were layered within the paintings. The process changed again when the “under-painting” of these canvases began with a foundation of collage from torn pages and covers of actual comic books and magazines. These images and words served as structural anchors within the work. Then, the process of spontaneously layering acrylic enamel paint and more collage generated varied textures and depth within each painting. The layering of elements subsequently gives rise to a sense of mystery as the viewer sees only hints, partial views, fragments, and excerpts of the underlying layers. The combination gives my canvases depth and impact.